Covid Vaccine- Know the Facts

Science should guide our decision making when it comes to the Covid -19 Crisis in the world. Before you inject the Covid vaccine in your body, you may want to ask what ingredients are in the vaccine and what are the long term effects of that injection?

There is some frightening data that the CDC, AMA, Big Pharm, Big Media, Big Tech, and U.S. government don’t want you to know. Research compiled by Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, D.O. – who has been studying the effects of vaccines for over twenty-five years describes the effects of these new Covid vaccines; that uses mRNA from the Covid virus as the strand of genetic material that causes the antibody response. Most vaccines used to use an attenuated virus -weakened covid virus, as the foreign protein that triggers an immune response in humans. The new technology is only using a portion of the genetic material from the virus to introduce into the body for reaction.

The problem with using mRNA of the Covid virus is that it is a Trojan horse mechanism of introducing the foreign DNA into your cells. The immune response is a spike protein is created that is a non-neutralizing antibody. This creates a antibody dependent enhancement (ADE) situation where the mRNA starts replicating on it’s own creating more spike proteins to fight off the disease. Once theses spike proteins start reproducing in our bodies, there is no OFF switch.

These spike proteins cause damage to regular human tissue, specifically they cause diffuse alveolar damage to lung tissue. These spiked proteins start attacking the lungs and cause a breakdown of lung tissue. Puss and bleeding in the lungs are the end result. Furthermore, these spiked proteins attack Type 2 Macrophages which are a type of White Blood Cell that is our own natural immune response.

Normally, Type 1 Macrophages kills off the foreign invading protein and then Type 2 Macrophages comes in and cleans up the debris and heals the tissue. Type 1 Macrophages are highly inflammatory with cytokines and other chemicals that help the body overcome the pathology. Without the Type 2 Macrophages to heal after the inflammatory stage, the body stays in a chronic inflammatory state.

This then pushes the body into an auto-immune disease state as the body essentially starts attacking itself. Many people are suffering anaphylactic shock, stroke, and other neurological disorders after receiving these shots.

Please think twice before injecting all of these unknown chemicals, half of which you can’t pronounce, into your body. The long term effects of these vaccines has not been studied. Please don’t be a guinea pig of experimentation by the CDC and our government.

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