Enteric Nervous System

The enteric nervous system is a division of our autonomic nervous system which is the system of nerves that automatically control our organs, glands, and blood vessels.   The Enteric Nervous System is a mesh-like system of neurons that governs the GI system.

Enteric NS

The ENS is capable of autonomous function of the Sympathetic (fight or flight) and the Parasympathetic function (rest/digest) within the autonomic nervous system.  This independent function has earned the ENS the nickname of “the second brain”.

This system of enmeshed nerves that are embedded into the GI system has over 500 million neurons.  That is 5x as many neurons as within the spinal cord.  This system of nerves that controls our guts is 1/200th the size of our brains.

90% of the neurotransmitter serotonin is found in our guts and 50 % of our bodies dopamine is found in the gut.  There is a lot of truth to the saying, “listen to your gut.”  Your gut actually gives you a clearer picture of the correct decision to be made when considering two different options.  The second brain of the gut literally uses the same neurotransmitters to operate efficiently.

The Vagus nerve is responsible for autonomic function to the gut while sensory nerves control chemical and mechanical response of the gut while the motor nerve controls peristalsis within the gut. ( the mechanical churning).

The ENS produces over 30 neurotransmitters including dopamine, serotonin, acetylcholine and many others. This system of neurotransmitters and communication is critical to overall nerve system function.  This is clear evidence that the nerve system operates and controls the GI system.

The other component of a healthy gut is a healthy biome of microbes in our guts.  Some experts estimate 100 trillion bacteria alone reside within our guts.  More bacteria live within and on us than we have human cells.  That’s mind-boggling.

Contact Ask Dr. Lask for more information about achieving a healthy gut through probiotics (Orthobiotic supplement) and gentle chiropractic adjustments to the Thoracic spine to stimulate GI function.   http://www.askdrlask.com  314-835-1234

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Top 10 Ways to Prevent/Treat Cold and Flu Symptoms Naturally


10.  Always wash hands after being in public. The main vector of transmission is by rubbing your eyes, nose, and mouth.

9.  Make sure you are getting adequate sleep each night.  7-8 hours is recommended.

8.  Be sure to stay well hydrated.  Aim for 1/2 your body weight in ounces every day.

7.  Gargle with salt water for sore throats.  This will kill gram negative bacteria that are usually the cause.  Gargle for at least 30 seconds + and then don’t rinse afterwards.

6.  Floss your teeth and then gargle with Listerine for at least 30 seconds to 1 minute.

5.  Supplement with Echinacea which helps to stimulate immune function.

4.  Supplement with Vitamin C.  1000mg  3x/day.

3.  Sinus infections are usually fungal infections;  use a product like Sinatrol which is specific for fungal infection.

2. Perform weight bearing exercise.  Lift weights or body weight exercises will naturally increase white blood cell production which are the cells that fight off foreign pathogens.

1.Get a chiropractic adjustment.  The nerve system controls the immune system.  This bolsters the functionality of your natural immunity.  Especially cervical (neck) adjustments stimulate the pathways into the neck, throat, sinuses, and head.


Prevention is your best approach this cold and flu season.  This years flu vaccine is not a good match according to many medical doctors.  Take time to read this list and put into action as many of the above suggestions as possible. Remember, antibiotics do NOT work on viral infections.


Yours in health,

Dr. David Lask, D.C.

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Health Fair and Open House 2017

Open House

Join us this Saturday 9/9/17 from 10 am- 2 pm for the Ask Dr. Lask Health Fair and Open House in conjunction with Finney’s All N1 Healthclub.  This year features food from Bogarts BBQ, El Agave Mexican food, Bounce House for kids, Free Mini-massages, Free Ice Packs, Supplement Superstore samples, Workout demonstrations and much more.  This is a Family friendly event and would love to see everyone this Saturday.

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Real Producers

IMG_5347IMG_5348Nice spotlight article about me and my two businesses.  The article in Real Producers magazine June 2017  featured information about Ask Dr. Lask Wellness and Childproofers of St. Louis.

Ask Dr. Lask Wellness – chiropractic office that features a natural approach to health through chiropractic manipulation, deep muscle work, nutrition, and exercise. Dr. Lask has been saving lives for 20 years now.  He specializes in ADHD, sports, and Wellness.

Located inside of Finney’s All N 1 Healthclub on Watson Rd. in Crestwood/Sunset Hills area.

Childproofers of St. Louis– saving kids lives since 1992.  25 years of child safety.  Professionally installed baby gates, cabinet locks, toilet locks, outlet covers, and pool fences.

Located in west St. Louis county in Olivette, MO.

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Vaccines DO cause AUTISM

Recently I went to the Cal Jam conference of chiropractors in southern California where one of the featured speakers was Del Bigtree.  Del is a former producer of the Dr’s show on television that is created by Dr. Phil’s son.  Del heard a story about the link between Autism and vaccinations when he had Jenny McCarthy on the show and she was talking about her son and her suspicions of this link.  Suddenly Dr. Stork and the other M.D.s and producers on the show didn’t really want to go any further with the discussion and quickly and quietly stifled this topic.

Del Bigtree connected with Dr. Andy Wakefield and others to produce Vaxxed.com a documentary about a Whistle Blower from the CDC, named Dr. William Thompson. Dr. Thompson was the first to come forward and publicly expose the truth about a cover up where the CDC purposefully took a negative study and scrubbed the results to fit what BIG Pharma would want.  This deceit and fraud perpetuated upon the American public in the name of corporate profits is obscene and unconscionable.  However, this is exactly what has happened to the American public who has been duped again by the bureaucrats in Washington and the greedy corporate leaders of American business.

The sad result is millions of Americans who now have kids with AUTISM.  They took normally healthy kids and then at 18 months pumped in a triple shot of pandemic in the form of Mumps, Measles, and Rubella.  Completely assaulting the innocent immune system of an infant and completely overwhelming it with the live viruses of those three diseases at once PLUS a nice dose of Mercury (toxic) and Aluminum (toxic).   This assault to perfect innocent babies is permanently altering the kids DNA and expression of life.

I implore you to take a close look at this documentary and decide for yourself.  The facts are clear from the data that kids that take the MMR shot at 18 months are 7-8x more likely to develop AUTISM.  And for African Americans the risk is much higher.  Please share this message with everyone.  Big media isn’t going to broadcast this HUGE story.  They are sold out to Big Pharma.  70-80% of TV revenues come from Big Pharma ads.

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Defense Physiology

Defense physiology means a person is operating in fight or flight most of the time.  Fight or flight is a response to an environment that is stressed chronically.  You literally operate as if you are being chased by a dog all day and you have to run from it or turn around and bop it in the nose.  The problem with being in defense physiology all the time is that it leads to your body running down , wearing out, getting sick, and ending with chronic illness.

I heard Jill Farmer speak today at the St. Louis Master Mind group and she was talking about time management and how we lie to ourselves and tell ourselves their is not enough time in the day to get it all done.  The lie is that their actually IS enough time in the day and it’s all about the neurology of your thoughts.  Meaning, if you start making certain changes to self-talk, organization, prioritization, and some other skill sets you can actually start accomplishing a lot more each day. It was fascinating!

So it was during her talk today that she eluded to being in fight or flight most of the time and how that adversely affects our thinking and ultimately how successful we are and how much we achieve.  It was very interesting and something that connected the dots to the theories of Bruce Lipton, renowned epigeneticist who said,”a cell cannot simultaneously exist in a state of defense and growth at the same time”.

Think about it, if a basketball team is on defense all the time, are they going to score any points?  So on a cellular level, if the cell (brain cell)- neuron; is just trying to survive, how can it grow?  How can it achieve?  How can we prosper and live optimal vital lives?

You can’t. You wont. without making changes to the neurology of the body- the brain, spinal cord, peripheral nerves, sensory nerves, motor nerves, autonomic nerves, sympathetic and para-sympathetic nerves. The changes are made most effectively and efficiently with the chiropractic adjustment.  Adjusting the spine and stimulating ALL of those pathways previously mentioned can be done instantaneously with an adjustment.

Additionally, we can measure scientifically how much stress is in your autonomic system and how much tension is in your motor nerve (muscle) system.  sEMG and HRV diagnostic tests demonstrate how efficiently your nerve system is operating and how deeply stress has penetrated into your body.

Call today to schedule these tests or to have an amazing chiropractic adjustment; 314-835-1234.



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Pre-diabetic is a term that means  you’re headed for diabetes if you don’t change your ways.  Increased blood sugars and a pancreas that’s  not functioning on all cylinders can be indicators that something’s wrong with the way your body is handling sugars. Increased sugars create high triglycerides which scar the inner lining of our blood vessels.  This allows plaques to form on the vessel walls and increase your risk of stroke and heart attack.

The strategy to treat this condition is two-fold.  Increase exercise and decrease sugar intake.  Obviously, you want to reduce sugar intake in all forms: artificial sweeteners, high fructose corn syrup, even certain fruits. Exercise is recommended at 30 minutes of vigorous exercise 5 times per week.  Try to achieve at least 150 minutes per week of cardio and weight bearing exercise.  Even a brisk walk counts.  Try walking after dinner for 30 minutes with a loved one and all aspects of your life will improve.

Final Note- I used to falsely believe that you had to be overweight or obese to be pre-diabetic.  I am a slim 183 lbs. and until having some blood drawn and checking these metrics did I know I was pre-diabetic.  I have adopted a lower sugar diet and have tried to increase my exercise to daily instead of just a couple of times per week.  So I encourage everyone reading this blog to get their blood checked for diabetes.  It could save your life.David New Professional Photo 007



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