Three Vectors of Stress

Stress is very real and causes real changes to a person’s physiology.  There are three vectors of stress into a person’s system.

1. Physical stress.  2. Chemical stress.   3. Mental/ Emotional stress.

Physical stress lifting, twisting, sitting, standing, exerting, etc.; anything that physically stresses the body.

Chemical stress- drugs, alcohol, smoke, fatty foods, etc.: anything chemically that is ingested into our system.

Mental/Emotional stress- worrying about money, relationships, etc.; anything that mentally or emotionally we worry about.

These three types of stress trigger a person’s autonomic nervous system.  Specifically the “fight or flight” response which is part of the sympathetic nervous system.  This system causes changes to our physiology to help protect us in times of crisis or emergency.  However, chronic stimulation of this system is dangerous to our health.  Long term activation leads to adrenal overload and adrenal burnout.  We as humans are not designed to stay under chronic stress, regardless of which type of stress it is for us.  The key is to regularly release the stress out of our system.  One of the best ways to accomplish this is through regular chiropractic adjustments that help to take the tension off of the nervous system, specifically the cord (spinal cord).  Other helpful approaches include consistent good, deep sleep, regular exercise, a healthy diet, plenty of water, etc.

The point here is to not necessarily “avoid” stress, but rather make sure your system is adaptable to the stress.  The more adaptable your system is, the better you will be able to handle physical, chemical, and emotional /psychological stressors in your life.  Keep your nervous system tuned up with regular chiropractic care.

The more balanced your autonomic system, the better you will be.  This system is divided between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves.  This system can be tested by a relatively new technology called the Heart Rate Variability  OR Pulse Wave Profile. This technology employs some of the same technology as a lie detector test and measures heart rate, galvanic skin response, and heart rhythm.

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Chiropractic physician who specializes in natural ADHD treatments, natural treatments for neck pain and back pain. Wellness programs and overall health and wellness tips and information. I operate Ask Dr Lask Wellness Center inside of Finney's All N 1 Health Club on Watson Rd. in Crestwood, MO ( St. Louis county). I've taken advanced training from Dr. Yannick Pauli of Switzerland for ADHD Wellness treatment. I specialize in treating sports injuries including strain/sprains, neck injuries, back pain, muscle spasms, headaches, migraines, sciatica, etc. I measure your nerve function using sEMG, thermal scans, and HRV-heart rate variability. Nerve interference leads to decreased function. We remove the interference to the nerve system and restore health. We combine nutrition with chiropractic and regular exercise to promote overall health, vitality, and longevity.
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