Ease Vs. Dis-ease

I just returned from a weekend seminar with The Academy of Missouri Chiropractors and listened to many great speakers. One in particular was Dr. Rob Sinnott, D.C. who talked about ” Exploration of Current Science from a Chiropractic Perspective”. He mentioned something that really struck me as significant in relation to human health.
According to a recent symposium by cardiologist, they were asked what was the one major factor that lead to increased heart disease and overall risk factor for disease. Was it blood sugars or fats, obesity, genetics, lack of exercise, family history,, what was it??? Their answer was STRESS. Stress is the leading factor to increased heart disease.
Increased stress dampens the autonomic system which is the system that regulates the blood vessels, organs, and all glands in the body. Without this system keeping checks and balances, the blood vessel walls get scarred which allows fatty deposits to develop and adhere to the walls of the vessels. Which leads to stroke, heart attack, and death.
One of the best ways to eliminate stress in the body is through the chiropractic adjustment. The chiropractic adjustment is the one thing that reduces tension on the neural system of the body safely and naturally without drugs. The adjustment reduces the tension on the dentate ligament which is a ligament that tethers the brain and the cord floating inside the cerebral spinal fluid.
Reducing the tension in the nerves is one of the most important things we can do for our health. Eliminating the interference in the nervous system allows the innate intelligence of the body to express itself. This leads to the full expression of health. The question is, do you want to live life at “Ease” or at “Dis-ease” in your nerve system which will eventually turn to DISEASE if you allow it to stay in that state for too long.
Get adjusted every two to three weeks to maintain a homeostasis in your system. Chiropractic isn’t just for back pain. It can save your life!!

About askdrlask

Chiropractic physician who specializes in natural ADHD treatments, natural treatments for neck pain and back pain. Wellness programs and overall health and wellness tips and information. I operate Ask Dr Lask Wellness Center inside of Finney's All N 1 Health Club on Watson Rd. in Crestwood, MO ( St. Louis county). I've taken advanced training from Dr. Yannick Pauli of Switzerland for ADHD Wellness treatment. I specialize in treating sports injuries including strain/sprains, neck injuries, back pain, muscle spasms, headaches, migraines, sciatica, etc. I measure your nerve function using sEMG, thermal scans, and HRV-heart rate variability. Nerve interference leads to decreased function. We remove the interference to the nerve system and restore health. We combine nutrition with chiropractic and regular exercise to promote overall health, vitality, and longevity.
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