Physical Exercise helps ADHD kids

There’s growing evidence that kids that get regular exercise are much healthier. Exercise of all types is beneficial, but exercises that combine coordinated movements of both the hands and feet prove to be the most beneficial in terms of helping balance and coordination which can be lacking in kids with ADHD spectrum disorder. These coordinated movements stimulate the cerebellum which controls balance and coordination. Also by moving both sides of the body simultaneously, you stimulate the corpus callosum which is the part of the brain thta connects the two hemispheres of our brain togehther. This helps to stimulate the communication between the two hemispheres of the brain which is critical to allowing the brain to function in a synchronized manner. A lot of ADHD kids seem to be “out of synch”, the reaon being is the developmental delay between the two hemispheres which affects the communication from the outside sensory world to the inside motor and autonomic function world of our brain. That’s why regular exercise for kids is so important. So get those kids off the couches and sign them up for soccer, baseball, basketball, karate, jui-jitsu, wrestling, and many other sports which will help improve your child in so many ways.

About askdrlask

Chiropractic physician who specializes in natural ADHD treatments, natural treatments for neck pain and back pain. Wellness programs and overall health and wellness tips and information. I operate Ask Dr Lask Wellness Center inside of Finney's All N 1 Health Club on Watson Rd. in Crestwood, MO ( St. Louis county). I've taken advanced training from Dr. Yannick Pauli of Switzerland for ADHD Wellness treatment. I specialize in treating sports injuries including strain/sprains, neck injuries, back pain, muscle spasms, headaches, migraines, sciatica, etc. I measure your nerve function using sEMG, thermal scans, and HRV-heart rate variability. Nerve interference leads to decreased function. We remove the interference to the nerve system and restore health. We combine nutrition with chiropractic and regular exercise to promote overall health, vitality, and longevity.
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