Functional Disconnect Syndrome (FDS)

Functional Disconnect Syndrome (FDS) is a relatively new diagnosis being given to children that had previously been diagnosed with ADHD and the spectrum of disorders associated with it.   The work of Dr. Robert Melilo and Dr. Ted Carrick in functional neurology have proven the soundness of this theory.  Dr. Melilo’s book Disconnected Kids outlines the assesment and treatment for this condition.  The approach is unconventional in that it doesn’t prescribe drugs for the treatment of ADHD, ADD, Learning disabilities,or even autism;  but rather treats FDS naturally without drugs or surgery.

Essentially the theory of functional disconnect syndrome is that the two hemispheres of the brain are not on the same wavelength.  The vibration that occurs between the two hemispheres does not “sync” up with the other; therefore it’s disconnected.  When the brain can’t communicate internally, it manifests as many of the symptoms seen in ADHD spectrum disorders.    This is especially true if the pre-frontal cortex is not firing properly because that is where executive decision making occurs. It’s the pre-frontal cortex that tells Johnny not to act out in public, or throw a temper tantrum.

The key to proper treatment is to determine which hemisphere is weaker or underdeveloped.  It’s a developmental delay in one hemisphere that needs to be corrected to allow both hemispheres to signal properly across the corpus callosum.  The brain must receive important sensory information from the environment via the affarent fibers into the brain in order to properly function.  Without signals from every joint in your body stimulating the proprioreceptors, critical information is missing neurologically to allow for proper development in the brain AND body.  Thus, a lot of ADHD kids can be clumsy and not athletic.

The most important thing in treatment is to treat and balance the spinal pathways, cerebellar pathways, and pre-frontal cortex.  These three levels of involvement all need to be addressed neurologically in order to achieve changes in the brain.  Additionally, nutrition plays a key role.  Usually certain foods need to be eliminated and other foods or supplements added to change the digestive system and ultimately the neurologic system.

If you want more information on this topic, then check out Dr. Melilo’s book Disconnected Kids and Reconnected Kids available through Amazon.  OR  at my website  OR e-mail me at


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