ADHD Wellness protocol

Many children are being diagnosed with ADHD and the spectrum of disorders related to inattention and hyperactivity.  The most recent numbers are about 1 in 150 children in the U.S. will be diagnosed with autism, so the real numbers of kids out there are staggering that have some form of learning disability to full blown autistic characteristics.

The traditional medical approach to these kids has usually been some form of stimulant medication and some type of behavioral therapy.  The results have been some limited successes, but more times than not, these kids continue to suffer with a wide range of symptoms and bad behaviors.  Additionally, there are some serious side effects that can occur with drug therapy.

The chiropractic approach is to balance the brain. We attempt to determine which hemisphere of the brain is weaker by utilizing a series of neurologic tests and certain diagnostics.  Once we determine which hemisphere is weaker, we stimulate that hemisphere through chiropractic adjustments and other physical therapeutics to strengthen the weaker side.  This allows the brain to re-synchronize and allows communication across the corpus callosum.  Also, inputs coming through the spino-thalamic tract, cerebellum, and pre-frontal cortex start signaling correctly which allows the child to essentially start exhibiting more control (inhibition) of behaviors.

Simultaneously, we check the child’s system metabolically.  We add certain elements the child may not be getting in their nutrition like fish oil to provide omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids, but also remove potential harmful foods like gluten (wheat) and casein (dairy) that may be upsetting the child’s metabolic balance.

The third component to balancing the child’s brain is to have them do simple exercises like cross crawl, balance board, and other movements to strengthen and stimulate brain function.  To learn more, visit my website at and click on the ADHD tab.

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About askdrlask

Chiropractic physician who specializes in natural ADHD treatments, natural treatments for neck pain and back pain. Wellness programs and overall health and wellness tips and information. I operate Ask Dr Lask Wellness Center inside of Finney's All N 1 Health Club on Watson Rd. in Crestwood, MO ( St. Louis county). I've taken advanced training from Dr. Yannick Pauli of Switzerland for ADHD Wellness treatment. I specialize in treating sports injuries including strain/sprains, neck injuries, back pain, muscle spasms, headaches, migraines, sciatica, etc. I measure your nerve function using sEMG, thermal scans, and HRV-heart rate variability. Nerve interference leads to decreased function. We remove the interference to the nerve system and restore health. We combine nutrition with chiropractic and regular exercise to promote overall health, vitality, and longevity.
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